Bluetooth phones mini review

This is no Marco style review, for one thing I don't have his resources, and I think we're after different things. I wanted cheap bluetooth headphones, my first set of wireless ones. I tend to break or lose the wired kind pretty regularly, anything from the cheapest of the cheap to some £60ish Sony, Sennheiser and Klipsch ones. The weak point being where the cable meets the jack. Wireless would solve that, right?
A while ago I bought a set of these bluetooth headphones. My brother had kindly roped me into doing a stupid race and I figured I needed a little shiney new thing to help me get motivated/keep entertained while I was training. They worked! For a while.
The battery life was ok, a good couple of hours. Annoyingly, they'd go from a spoken "battery low" to totally dead in about 5 minutes. The ear gripper things they came with were good though, and a bunch of different shapes/sizes. The sound quality wasn't terrible, but nothing amazing. Hopes were not high, but I think they were exceeded.
That "for a while" I mentioned? The charging port for these is on the cable running between them, squished onto the volume/power controls. One day, as I unplugged them, that whole contraption fell apart, buttons lost, everything. I managed to bodge them back together with the good ol electrical tape for a while, but their days were numbered and eventually they just stopped working.
No more training, but once you haven't had to wrangle a wire every time you get your phone out of your pocket, you kinda miss it. Also, one day, maybe more training. So I got me a set of these and they're way better. They're bulkier, and probably look stupider, and they suffer from the annoying blinking LED on the side, but the battery lasts longer (haven't timed it, but longer than the old ones, and I haven't been caught out with no music/podcasts since I got them). The charging port is a standard micro USB connection on one of the earpieces, so less likely to self destruct. The controls are on the earpiece, and a little fiddly/annoying, and easy to accidentally pause your playback while adjusting it in your ear, but they gotta go somewhere. Audio quality is fine, a bit bassy, nothing amazing. For £20 though, they're pretty fucking good. Get some.