The king is dead.............

It’s strange how spending years listening to someone’s songs seems like you’re getting to know them. Without ever having talked to Torr, I can still kinda tell that he was one of the good guys. I guess he talked to me, without ever knowing it. Sadly, it’d appear he never will. Torr Skoog has left the building.

As frontman of the flat out amazingKings of Nuthin he said things that came from a totally different place from where I’m at, but that 99% of the time I could totally identify with. Time passing us by (and my lack of doing anything of much consequence with it), the “joy” of school, not getting on with the lady, crappy jobs, being in bands, and so muchmore. From the moment I heard these guys I’ve wanted a brass section. They come out looking like a classy swing band or something and then just annihilate you with punk rock. I think the difficulty for them to really fit into any sort of genre hampered them reaching a wider audience, but the lucky ones of us that knew them just lost someone important.

Just so gutted, thoughts and condolences to the man’s friends, family, bandmates, etc. It’s never good when someone has died, we never get enough time with the ones that count.

Raise a glass.