Punk face bedlam

I'm playing with Nuclear Skyline at the Face Bar in Reading on Friday. This is a replacement for the gig that was cancelled due to snow earlier in the year. We've got a few tickets left to sell if anyone wants any, it'll save you a couple of quid compared to the on the door prices, and be a pretty big help to us, so get in touch with me or anyone else from the band!
The Wreck Scene are still well looking forward to Bedlam Breakout, and have scheduled a couple of practices between then and now to polish up our craft. The week after bedlam we'll be strutting our stuff at Punkolympia 2, along with the awesome Jane Likes Books. That'll be a grand gig, I played the first one with the nukes (the wreck scene were otherwise engaged), and it was a night of epic proportions, so if this one is even half as good, it'll be amazing. Tickets are available in advance from here. We have merch in the works too, which should be ready for those gigs. Speak up if you want to reserve yourself a shirt.
I've got a couple of secret new projects on the go, more info to follow soon but at the moment neither of them involve a drummer, and that's the way they're likely to stay, so looking forward to unveiling them when they're ready!
Plans for the return of Chaffestock are underway for early June, in memory of the legendary Eddie Chaffe who we lost just over a year ago (time flies). They're pretty loose at the moment, but I'm planning for at least one of my bands to be playing, and/or I might end up running sound on the night too. Exciting stuff for a great cause.
Rumours of The Wreck Scene touring The North have yet to be substantiated. yet