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Been a little slow updating things on here,apologies to all my loyal readers (all 2 of you).

The Nukes had an awesome time at the O2 academy in Oxford a few weeks ago. I’ve stuck the photos of the other bands that played with us over in the photos section, have a looksee. There are some pretty good shots in there I reckon, I think I mainly need to work on my editing skills, as in spend more time in photoshop/aperture and just cut down a little on the quantity. I might go back to the “old days” a little and pretend I’m shooting film again. Maybe not so much when I’m actually taking the photos, I’ll still spam the “go” button then, but I reckon I’d get through maybe three rolls of film at 36 shots a pop, so there’s no way I’d come away with over 200 photos for two nights of gigs!

The O2 was possibly the hottest, sweatiest gig I’ve ever played. You could’ve bottled the atmosphere, pretty much literally, and sold it for a tidy profit. The range and sheer volume of emotions on show were pretty exhausting, and everyone did themselves proud.

After a brief respite, July 12, 2012 marked the return of the nukes to Oxford, this time playing a few doors down from the O2 at the Bullingdon arms, along with Jam Jams’ other band, Demask Thyself. Things for us were a little sloppy due to lack of a recent practice, but we had fun, and so did at least three other people in the crowd! We also had the dubious pleasure of powering through most of the last two songs without Joey’s guitar thanks to his E string (the one that matters, not that skinny noodley one) giving up about three bars into our second to last tune. The show must go on and all that! Again Leon was on hand with his camera and took some pretty good photos.

Proof that I can smile

Our Joey sans guitar

The Wreck Scene had a night of firsts on the 19th. It was our first gig that was even remotely local to home base, and a pretty good turnout considering we managed to coincide with the first night of Truck Festival. After quite a few gigs further afield, it was nice for us to play somewhere most of my friends could get to, and having played there a few times before with the good ship Nuclear Skyline, it’s almost like I’ve taken up residency or something. We also got to roll out our second vocalist, The Jenerator for her first public performance and bust out a brand new tune in the form of “Baby’s Got a Flak Jacket”.
The new and improved lineup

I also had a few new goodies attached to my bass, details in a future (but not too much future) post. Needless to say, things went super awesome, the turnout was grand, and we got a couple of fresh gig offers, details coming soon, don’t touch that dial!

Upcoming/partially written posts on more Wreck Scene news, developments in the Nuclear Skyline camp, and new bass goodies to come in the next week or so, hopefully! Your patience is appreciated.