Emotional Blackmail

The Wreck Scene had an awesome gig at Sub89 last Friday. It was a little rainy, and Ade managed to get himself trapped in the lift, but we only had the good kind of feedback from everyone. Busted out a brand new song, as well as the second airing of The Hanging Tree which went down well. One step closer to world domination.

Props to Sounds of The Suburbs for the gear-share. They definitely know what they’re doing, and I had the honour of filling in on bass(guitar) for them for a song while their bass player was en-route.

U.K. Subs kicked arse. I kinda want to steal their guitarist. They fired out all the classics, and came back fo more (not bad for old men) with a cover of The Cramps/The Sonics “Strychnine”, which was a nice surprise.

Next live action for me will be back in Oxford on Thursday with the good ship Nuclear Skyline at The Bullingdon