JD + Jimmy

Went to see the phenomenal JD McPherson at The Borderline on Friday.
The sound was amazing. Like the roundest, fullest sound I’ve ever heard live. Nothing was overpowering anything else. Like even if I didn’t like the music they were playing (and to be fair, not all of it is totally to my tastes), it still would’ve sounded good.
Also, sleb spotting. My wife was talking to Huey of fun lovin criminals outside, and didn’t notice her brush with stardom til Ade was gushing like a teenage girl at the photo he got of himself with the guy. Ya know you should check a band out if someone that oozes cool as much as Huey is going to their gigs.

Shot a bunch of photos for the first time in a while, kinda getting the shutter bug again.

We’re badgering them about a support slot when they play at Dingwalls in July, so if you somehow have any influence over that, hook a brother up, I promise not to steal Jimmy Sutton’s gear, or slice his head open to gain his powers.