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Bass Player - Sound Engineer - Designer - Photographer - Geek

I'm your nerd.
I've designed flyers, logos, tshirts, websites, and helped artists turn ideas in their head into something that's visible to the world, via glowing screens, prints, and other physical objects.
I've played upright bass in front of audiences up, down, and across our lumpy little island (and guitar in Australia, but I digress). My current gig is with The Road Zombies, but I'm always up for new projects (live or in the studio) and have experience playing a range of different styles. I've started giving lessons, so if you want to learn to play one of these things, or get your head around some basic music theory we could come to some arrangement too.
I've manned a mixing desk at gigs, and know my way around micing up a variety of instruments in live and studio settings. I've used Logic to record and mix, but dabbled in other software.
I reckon I'd come in as an "advanced amateur" when it comes to photography. I know enough to know that I don't know much, but every now and then take some pretty good shots with my trusty little GRD.

"Chugs away like some sort of possessed steam hammer"-Cat on The Wall
"Utilizing the whole stage very effectively to put on a visually entertaining show"-Tal Fineman